Leader in Wellsite Geology Services


Dave Riley

Contribute meaningfully to the geo-steering team by using skills gained exploring both conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

High School Diploma from Selkirk High School, Metalline, WA in 1985. Three years College-Performing Arts   Whitworth College, Washington

Wellsite Geo-tech at Riley Wellsite Limited, March 2013 to current (2.5 years).Graduated from second hand to Lead Geo-Tech on several drilling projects for domestic and international clients. Reports several times daily to numerous decision makers off-site about drilling operations, cuttings lithology, hydrocarbon shows and wellbore positioning. Creates consensus both on-site and off-site for geo-steering decisions, landing TVDs, core points, DST and casing points. Generates Final Well Evaluation, compiling all pertinent drilling data, reservoir quality observations and Final mudlog into one comprehensive end of well document.

Lead Geosteerer

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